The Conversation Presentation
Quarto is a pristine presentation app for your iPad, designed for professionals with an eye for detail. With full-bleed images and zero clutter, you can focus your presentation on the content. Prepare your presentation using a web browser, then sync it to your iPad to present your images at their most beautiful, highest resolution.

Quarto helps you structure your presentation in a way that your audience or interviewer will be more interactive. Avoid the dreaded "any questions?" silence at the end by structuring your presentation around a series of sections. Quarto will help you do it.
How it Works
1. Upload your images on the web While most portfolio apps make you figure out how to get your images from your laptop to your iPad, Quarto manages that for you. Just log in to to start uploading images and organizing your portfolio via our convenient web interface.
2. Sync to your iPad Touch the "sync" button on your iPad or click on the web to download all your slides to your iPad. These will be available offline anytime you need them. No internet required.
3. Present! In presentation mode all admin buttons can be hidden. You can even hand your iPad to your interviewer without worrying about which buttons they might accidentally press. Clean, simple, conversational presentations are what Quarto does best.
Quarto is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Storage of your slides is $9.99 / year up to 10Gb of data after your free trial ends.

Multi-user accounts are available, enabling advanced collaboration on portfolios for product reps working with common portfolios of products.